Drone Surveys & Development Consulting

Drone Survey Canada is a Canadian Drone Survey company that offers Development Consulting & Drone Surveying or Topographic Surveying for your Residential/Commercial or Plant Health Mapping needs.

Transport Canada Advanced Certified Pilots

2 Million General Commercial Insurance – Aviation Insurance

Transport Canada approved parachutes when conducting flights over people.

Agriculture & Plant Health Mapping – VARI mapping

Here at DSC we specialize in Drone Survey Services, combined with 10+ years of civil development design  & review experience.

Cost-Effective Drone Surveying, Inspection & Development Consulting

In need of a Survey Company that can provide the Topographic Survey, Drawings and Inspection for your Residential or ICI Construction project?  Drone Survey Canada can provide a cost-effective solution that can meet your organization’s construction management, administration and drawing preparation needs.  If you require a Topographic Map, Plant Health Mapping, Bridge Inspections, EMF Inspections, Digital Elevation Models, Digital Terrain Model or a Drone Inspection, turn to us at Drone Survey Canada. Our company provides a variety of  services including:

  • EMF Testing & Reporting
  • Crop Scouting or Plant Health Mapping
  • Agriculture Drone Mapping
  • Corridor Mapping with Video Evidence
  • Haul Route Mapping with Video Evidence
  • Aerial Drone Survey
  • Aerial Drone Topographic Mapping
  • Point Cloud’s, DEM’s & DTM’s
  • Drone Aerial Orthographic Mosaics
  • Drone Aerial GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Maps and Imagery,
  • CAD Modelling
  • Development Consulting Design & Inspections
  • CAN-CISEC Qualified – Certified Inspector of Sediment & Erosion Control – Reports and Inspection
  • Agriculture & Farm Drone Survey & Forestry Mapping Survey
  • Transport Canada Certified Pilots

Additionally as Development Consultants, we can provide construction contract administration for Residential or ICI development projects from start to finish. We can work with your Planners or Engineers at the beginning of your project all the way to project completion.  Drone Survey Canada can provide municipal acceptance and maintenance period review. Do you need a company to prepare construction site plan drawings, erosion control drawings and inspection, provide tender administration, process payment certificates and provide quantity calculations? Here at Drone Survey Canada we can provide this very service. The pre-construction product can include 3D building models and fly-throughs for your construction project before a shovel hits the ground, along with our Aerial Drone Survey services.

Even more important than our expansive flight experience, and qualification, is the quality service we provide.

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